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By Brenda

Tips for Making a Living Being an Airbnb Host

Aug 25 2017 Parent Category I

Do you have spare space in your home? Perhaps you are frequently out of town (leaving your home vacant for extended periods of time) or you have an extra property that you don’t frequently use. Have you ever thought about renting your extra space on Airbnb? Airbnb is an alternative to traditional hotels. It is an online community that connects hosts and travelers. You rent out your extra space (a room in your home, an apartment, or even your whole house) to travelers in need of a place to stay. It’s a great way to earn some extra income. It’s also possible to make a living on Airbnb. Here’s a few tips on how to make a living as an Airbnb host.


Make Sure You Can Actually Rent Your Space

The first step you should take before you even list your space is to make sure that you can actually rent your space. If you live in an apartment, condo, or gated community, you should check your agreement or speak with the property manager. Even if you own your own home, you should still check with local/state laws.


Stay in Your Own Space

Before you list your space (and periodically between rentals), spend a few nights in your own space. When you do, stay as a guest which will help you experience your property through their eyes. This can allow you to notice things you might not otherwise notice by doing a periodic walkthrough. Take note of small things that can be done to improve the guest experience such as addressing a slow draining sink or providing a charging station on the bedside table. Little things like these can make a major impact.


Take Great Pictures

Great pictures may seem like the most obvious piece of advice, but having high quality pictures is essential. Today’s digital cameras may capture great images, but they cannot hold a candle to professional photographs. Good pictures that you take yourself can help at first, but your best bet (especially if you want to make a living as an Airbnb host) is to hire a professional photographer. Many Airbnb hosts have experienced an increase in rental interest, simply due to professional pictures.


Sell an Experience

How you word everything, from your title to the description of your property and nearby amenities, is important. Your title should include what the rental is along with its greatest feature (near downtown, near the beach, etc.). You should also focus on experiences rather than specific facts about your property. Many travelers that use Airbnb are looking for a unique, authentic experience. Instead of describing the features of the kitchen, let your guests know that they can take a quick trip to the local specialty market, cook in a fully-equipped kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal in a cozy dining area.


Set Specific Rules and Expectations

You don’t want a huge list of rules and expectations, but you should be clear about a few important things. Inform guests about check-in and check-out times. Be clear on smoking rules and having other guests on your property. You should also consider your neighbors when setting rules. Listing quiet hours of a community can be helpful, or if the property is appropriate for young children. Unhappy neighbors can quickly kill an Airbnb rental.


Respond Quickly and Be Courteous

One of the best ways to show guests that you care and that you want their business is through quick response times. When a potential guest sends you an inquiry, you can receive email or text (or both) notifications. The website tracks your response times and posts the information on your listing. Slow response times can mean less bookings. When you do respond, make sure that you are as courteous and kind as possible.


Stock Your Property

Take the time to stock your property with necessities as well as some recreational items. Make sure there is plenty of bathroom tissue, paper towels, tissues, and soap. Make sure that your kitchen is well stocked with condiments, coffee and tea. You should also stock up on things that your guests can do inside, such as DVDs, books, board games, and puzzles.


Provide a Special Welcome

Make your guests feel special when they arrive. You don’t have to go over the top, but a small welcome gift can make a huge impression. Provide a bottle of wine or a small basket of baked goods from a local bakery. If you know your guests have children, you can win them over as well with a small token of appreciation for them as well such as cookies or a small activity book.


Airbnb can be a great way to make a living if you have the extra space, and you can create a stellar experience for your guests. Going the extra mile for your guests can even earn you the status of “Superhost,” which can further help to increase your bookings as well as your income.


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