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Customer Resources

Customer Resources

There are all types of loans available online these days.  These consist of car loans, student loans, home loans and personal loans.  If you are looking for a loan, you will need resources to help you sort things out.

Top 10 Tips for Shopping for Online Loans


Getting a loan today is not like it was back in the days of your dad or granddad.  Back several years ago if you wanted to get a loan of any type, you would actually have to walk into a bank to fill out the necessary paperwork.  No longer is this the case, however.  You can now apply for a loan from the comforts of your own home.  With that said, with the facelessness, you need to be cautious when looking for online loans.  This will ensure that you locate a legitimate loan provider instead of a scam that will take your money.

Resources from the Office of the Federal Student Aid


The Office of Federal Student Aid has a wide array of resources that will help you to prepare for college, apply for financial aid and consumer protection.  The loan information section can provide you information about federal student loans and inform you as to what they are, how you can get them and why you need them.  There are several booklets, fact sheets, website and brochures available for you to read as well as viewable videos and images.

Your Path to Government Benefits


The benefits site has so many resources for you as far as federal resources and additional resources as well.  For instance, there is a guide on how to borrow money if you are a business that is considering getting a loan.  Disability.gov is a resource for those with disabilities and they can apply for benefits.  There is a section on frequently asked questions regarding the VA Home Loan program.

Understanding Vehicle Financing


The Federal Trade Commission’s website is a great resources for understanding vehicle loans and related finance options.  The guides will help you decide whether you should lease or buy and if you need a co-signer or not.  Another helpful section helps to arm you with the knowledge of the terms of the sales and finance contracts.  There is even a monthly spending plan to see if you can really afford that vehicle you want.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


This site has a world of resources for you to go through if you are considering buying a home.  You first need to determine the amount of loan you are able to afford.  Resources will assist you in determine this amount.  Other resources include knowing what your rights are, how to shop for a loan, learn about the different HUD programs for home buyers, how to look for a home and make an offer on one you are interested in and the best way to get homeowners insurance and how to correctly close on a home.

U.S. Small Business Administration


The majority of small businesses depend on lenders in order to give them the money they need to either open their own small business or to finance capital improvements.  Read up on information about what general small business loans they have to offer include the microloan program as well as real estate and equipment loans and disaster loans.  There is also help for finding research grants for small businesses.  There are federal, state and local governments that do offer an array of various financing programs to help small businesses to not only begin their business but to grow their business as well.

Payday Loans Online Resources


Payday Loans Online Resources can help you navigate through the world of payday loans.  It helps you answer even the most basic questions about how these popular loans work, what exactly they entail and whether or not they are right for you and your situation.  It explains the various types of payday loans that are available to you including storefront payday loans and online payday loans.  Learn the basic facts about payday loans as well.  These loans are a bit more complex that most other loans so it is important that you fully understand how these types of loans work.