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Installment Loans

Installment Loans

Are you stuck in a financial situation that you have no idea how you can get out of? Or you have thought about or tired a payday advance but these smaller loans just aren’t large enough. If this is you than an installment loan may be the solution you need. If you need money quickly and a larger amount of money an installment loan could be what you are looking for. The repayment options are very similar to a payday loan but have a longer repayment period of time.

What Is an Installment Loan?

Installment loans are paid back through a set number of installments generally over a long period of time. The total number of payments will include the money borrowed and the interest and fees associated with the loan. The length of time for the loan will vary depending on the loan amount. Before you commit to any of the terms of the loan you will be presented with all the terms. Many lenders will want to set up automatic payments so they ensure they receive their payments in a timely manner.

How to Apply

At Ineedaloan.net, you have the opportunity to go through the entire application process online.Often times you will not need to submit additional information. The loan can fund as quickly as the next business day directly into your bank account.  Below are some of the steps you may have to go through to obtain a loan using our website.

Start by completing the information once you click the “Get Started” button near the top of the page. Many of the questions you will be asked are personal information about you. This is important so that lenders can decided if you are worthy of repaying the loan amount. Some of the questions you will see ask about length of employment, length of residence, your social security number and your driver license number. In some rare circumstances you may be required to show proof of your income to fund your loan.

After all the personal information and your banking information is added we will submit it to our network of lenders. The good news is no matter if your are approved or denied you will receive a timely response.

Bad or No Credit Applications

No matter if you have bad credit or outstanding credit we may be able to help. The lenders we work with look at all factors on your application and not just your credit score. Some of the most important areas are job and length of residence. We have hundreds of lenders we work with and some even specialize in installment loans for bad credit. If you suffer from poor credit we may be still available to help.