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By Brenda

How to Get Emergency Help Paying Rent

Jul 07 2017 Parent Category I

You work hard to make ends meet. Any type of financial crisis can immediately throw everything off-kilter if you live on a tight budget. You can suddenly find yourself struggling to scrape together enough money to pay your rent. The thought of not being able to pay your rent on time can be petrifying. The fear of eviction can take over. All hope is not lost, there are things you can do to get the money you need to pay your rent.


Talk to Your Landlord

A landlord can’t provide you with the money you need to pay your rent, but they might be willing to work with you if you are upfront with them. You will have better luck if you have been an exemplary tenant. Plan out what to say and make sure you come prepared to let your landlord know how much you can pay. Offer to abide by a different payment schedule or trade work for a portion of the rent cost. Make sure you get any agreements in writing in case an eviction notice is filed after your discussion.


Ask Family or Friends

There are very few people who like borrowing from family or friends. Not repaying loans in a timely manner can quickly ruin a relationship. You do have the advantages of no applications and a better interest rate though. Make sure you write up an agreement that includes interest rates and a payment schedule and have both parties sign it.


Take Out a Personal Loan

Personal loans can be used for a variety of different reasons including rent. Many traditional bank loans require a good credit score or some form of collateral as well as a verifiable source of income. Banks are not your only personal loan option. Ways to Work is a short-term loan option if you are a single parent. You can also look into peer-to-peer loans. These loans are funded by individuals who are investing in the loans. The interest rates and fees vary depending upon your credit score. You will need to make on time payments with these loans. Don’t take out a loan you aren’t sure you can pay back.


Look into Charitable Grants

There are several charities that provide grants in the event of a financial hardship. You will have to apply for these grants. The Salvation Army requires you to apply in person and prove your hardship. Modest Needs is funded by private donors and can provide up to $1,000 for a single emergency expense. You can also look into local nonprofit charities. The amount you can receive depends upon the finances of the charity as well as your specific situation. A major advantage to these grants is that they don’t need to be paid back. The disadvantage is that these grants are one-time only.


Check with Social Services or Your Local Housing Authority

There are several states that don’t directly offer assistance. Social Services and the Local Housing Authority may be able to help. Each office has a list short-term assistance programs that are offered in your particular area. You can usually find the lists on each office’s website. Speaking with someone in person can be more beneficial and be prepared  to prove your financial hardship. Most programs require that you be employed to qualify. There are some designed to help you if you have just lost your job.

The important thing is to start looking for help as soon as you think you might need it. This can help ensure that you get the money you need when the rent comes due. It can also be helpful to look for a roommate (if the situation allows) if you know you will be having trouble making ends meet for a longer period of time. Look into as many options as possible and you will be able to keep your roof over your head.


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