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How to Make a Profit from Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Spring cleaning can do more than make your home feel cleaner, it can also help you make a few dollars on the side. This is especially true if you have trendy clothing or antiques you no longer want. There are many websites and apps available today that help you sell your stuff quickly, making a profit off a chore that would otherwise seem mundane.

Tradesy – A Useful App

If you are techy, you can take advantage of your skills with the app, Tradesy. You can sell your clothing right from the app on your smartphone or via the internet. Tradesy specializes in selling trendy clothes. Typically, your name-brand clothing will sell faster on this site. As long as it is in good condition, list it in seconds on their website and wait for it to sell. Once a buyer purchases your items, Tradesy sends you a shipping kit complete with a pre-paid box. In exchange for their service, Tradesy charges a 14.9% commission, which comes right out of your earnings.

Etsy – Great for Antique Clothing

If your closet holds a variety of antique gems that you don’t have a use for any longer, don’t just donate them. Many of those pieces may be goldmines on Etsy. This website is popularly known for its arts and crafts, but many sellers also sell antique clothing. In fact, many people purchase antique clothing from thrift stores that they know will sell for more online and make a profit selling on Etsy. Listing on Etsy might cost you a little money, but if you sell your items, it is worth it. Etsy charges three fees which are a listing, transaction, and payment fee. The fees vary based on the cost of the item.

Gift Cards for Electronics

Some electronics stores reward you for responsibly recycling your electronics. For example, Amazon may reward you for turning in your old Kindle. Apple may provide you with a gift card for future products for recycling your old Apple products. There is also an app called Gazelle where you can receive cash for your electronics. After you answer a few questions about the product, they provide you with a quote. If you accept, you ship the item to them and you receive cash.

Sell to Consignment Stores

There are consignment stores that cater to different genres. For example, Plato’s Closet is teen-focused, offering trendy and gently used clothes at an affordable price. If your clothing is a bit more mature than teen wear, Clothes Mentor buys and sells clothing for both men and women. If you prefer to deal with technology, ThredUP is a great website and app where you can list your clothing for sale, much the same way you would with eBay.

Sell Your Items for Free

If you don’t want to pay fees to list, sell, and get paid, Carousell is the app for you. Sellers list anything from toys to clothes and anything in between. This app is like a free version of eBay. You don’t pay anything to buy or sell products and you get the benefit of their large audience to try to sell your products.

Spring cleaning might not be a fun chore, but if you can turn it into a profit, it can certainly be easier to do. Check the sites we mentioned above or download a few apps and see what your stuff might be worth. Remember, one person’s junk could be another person’s treasure. Make a few dollars and declutter your home at the same time; it’s a win-win situation.

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