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Help I Need Money Desperately (Out of the Box Tips)

Rent is late. You’re out of a job and the calls from collectors have started coming in. Even though you keep saying “I need money” there’s no one to ask for money and your checking account is in the negative. Desperation is starting to set in; you need money and a source of income fast.

Does this situation sound a little more familiar than you’d like? Don’t freak out, and for goodness’s sake, don’t start applying for loans everywhere in your town, county, or state for loans you will have to pay back with tons of interest, as that will only add to your problems.

No, there are other ways you can solve your income woes through legitimately easy (and legal!) jobs, ranging from the plausible to the permanent, not to mention the downright crazy. These solutions can be what you make them to be. Many of them are temporary with the option of becoming a career if you enjoy them enough, but all offer more freedom and quicker turnaround than most other lines of work.


Creatively Working from Home

Those who don’t care to leave the home have options, and for some they’re the easiest options available, if you tend towards the creative. The money-from-home option isn’t all about boring online sales and traditional crafting, though affiliate sales and custom-created crafts like invitations or clothing can generate some great income.


More than Just Your Average Phone Call

Sex sells, as they say, and one way for those more normal jobs in sales and crafting to quickly turn more profitable is through getting… intimate. Not you specifically, but your products, can take your customer places normal products wouldn’t go. Online sales of adult toys and apparel or the crocheting, knitting, or sculpting of erotic items that market to certain niche audiences like bachelorette parties are a fun twist on the traditional.


Getting Out and About

If leaving home isn’t an issue for you, then making money shouldn’t be either. There are industries out there that are always looking for good help. Courier companies, movers, and temp agencies employ people at all hours, for good pay, and in different situations that add a little variety to an otherwise boring workday.


Your Body is a Legal Option

Speaking of variety, those not afraid to use their bodies to make money aren’t limited to illegal activities. University researchers always need subjects for (safe) medical research, and art schools need subjects for figure drawing classes. If you can dance, delivering messages via stripper-gram might be a good option!

Legitimate escort services can also be a great way to make money, and they don’t have to be about sex. Paid, temporary, non-sexual companionship is fantastic for both parties: the buyer doesn’t have to attend an outing alone, and the escort can make a great night’s pay by meeting new people and having fun.

And then there’s the really interesting stuff. The early 2000s saw some interesting new trends in the form of selling skin space on the human body to advertisers, which can be very lucrative, if also very permanent. Some have even changed their names to that of an advertiser in the name of a quick buck. Some of these options are very visible, while others are a bit more demure, so you have the option of being branded in a way you are comfortable with while still earning a bit of money.

Lastly, if you’re willing to go all the way, why not sell your life? In the age of crowdsourcing, some have taken to selling shares of their very lives, allowing shareholders to dictate everything they do, from what they eat to who they meet. You never know who you might be put in contact with and how that person could potentially influence the direction your life takes.

If you’re facing financial woes, don’t get desperate. There are options out there for you instead of feeling the need to damage your credit with incessant loan applications from every financial institution in sight. All it takes is a bit of creativity (and perhaps some extra ad space on your forehead) to get yourself right out of that rut.

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