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Do you need money to help pay bills while you are in college?

There’s no denying that college can be extremely pricey, and so are the living expenses associated with it. With sports practices, extended school hours, hanging out with friends, etc. it can be a bit too tricky to work a full-time job while in college. The good news is that there are other ways of paying the bills while still maintaining your GPA and extracurricular, and social activities. Here are a few ways to make some money while working around your busy college schedule.

Get Crafty

If you are crafty then you can make a pretty penny by putting your skills to good use. Whether you have a talent for origami, knitting, drawing, or painting, you can make money by selling almost anything online. To find materials for your crafting it’s a good idea to look around your nearest thrift or craft stores for trinkets, ornaments, jewelry, etc. that you can incorporate into a new piece of art or refurbish. Once you have found your forte then you can sell your craft through such online stores as ArtFire and Etsy.

Get Sponsored On YouTube or Twitter

Are you a social butterfly? Then you may be able to make money by getting sponsored on YouTube or Twitter. You must be able to accumulate a substantial amount of followers on one of these social media sites, however, if you can do so then you can make a good amount of money. For instance, there are plenty of makeup companies that are willing to pay those who make popular YouTube videos to review their makeup products. If Twitter is more your thing then you can get paid to promote the products and contents of various companies.


If you are doing well in your classes then why not help out your fellow students? You can make a nice income simply by teaching your peers in any of your well-versed subjects. It’s a good idea to create some posters that list your qualifications as a tutor as well as your contact information and availability. Post these around campus to build up your clientele. The great benefit of tutoring is that you can usually decide your hours, and your schedule tends to be very flexible, making it the perfect job for a college student.

Freelance Graphic Designing

If you have some skills as an artist then you may want to try your hand at graphic designing. Although this may sound professional and scary for a college student, the truth is that many easy work-at-home jobs come with very flexible hours. Thousands of local businesses and startups are looking for anyone who can create an aesthetically pleasing logo, poster, flyer, and other branding mechanisms. An easy way to get started is to create a website that markets your skills and begins to contact people.

Do Chores

All you need is a car to hire yourself out to residents of your college’s area to perform chores and tasks they don’t have time for. For instance, you can make good money by driving around kids to their violin lessons or football practice after class. Otherwise, you may want to consider taking on a few babysitting jobs around town. If you are not great with kids then you can get groceries for a busy neighbor or the elderly.

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